This website is not maintained anymore. However, I want to redirect you to this continuation (code), who continued the Stracciatella project in March 2013. He has precompiled versions available for Mac and Windows, and added the much desired freedom to play at any resolution. If you are looking for any more information related to JA2: Stracciatella, refer to the JA-Galaxy forum, which has been the central point of communication throughout the past decade (!). Much credits forever to Tron, for his great initiative to create Straciatella back in 2009.


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If you want to be able to use a helicopter to transport your mercs, you’ll have to find the pilot (Skyrider) who is hidden somewhere, and control at least one airport, that should be the one at Drassen. The heli moves mercs very fast, but cost $$$ though, and after some time it will have to return to the base for refuelling. To use the helicopter after you found the pilot, go to the Strategical Map screen, click on the helicopter icon. Skyrider will ask what you want. Then you can move the helicopter like your mercs. To load mercs in helicopter, use the same screen, select merc squad and select vehicle, followed by helicopter.