This website is not maintained anymore. However, I want to redirect you to this continuation (code), who continued the Stracciatella project in March 2013. He has precompiled versions available for Mac and Windows, and added the much desired freedom to play at any resolution. If you are looking for any more information related to JA2: Stracciatella, refer to the JA-Galaxy forum, which has been the central point of communication throughout the past decade (!). Much credits forever to Tron, for his great initiative to create Straciatella back in 2009.


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This quest begins in Alma, where the miner asks you to save his brother — Dynamo — that is being held in Tixa Jail. To complete the quest, you have to hit the road to Tixa, and set Dynamo free (you’ll be able to recruit him). You don’t have to return to Alma to say the miner that his brother is free now. Simply save him in Tixa and the loyalty in Alma will rise. If you have trouble to set Dynamo free or recruit him, here’s how you do it: Recruit Dynamo, hand him a Lockpicking toolkit and have him get himself out (he is a Lockpicking expert after all. . . ). You may have to heal him first so he can pick the lock. Another way to open the door of Dynamo’s cell, is to get the prison Key. It’s silver and could be in the little locker in the wardens office. If not you’ll get one when you clear the basement. Open the cell door and talk to Dynamo. He is free now, if you already cleared the Jail of enemies. To recruit him, you have to approach him friendly with someone with high leadership. He’ll come with you.