This website is not maintained anymore. However, I want to redirect you to this continuation (code), who continued the Stracciatella project in March 2013. He has precompiled versions available for Mac and Windows, and added the much desired freedom to play at any resolution. If you are looking for any more information related to JA2: Stracciatella, refer to the JA-Galaxy forum, which has been the central point of communication throughout the past decade (!). Much credits forever to Tron, for his great initiative to create Straciatella back in 2009.

Missing Scientist / Robot

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Somewhere at the beginning-middle of the game, you’ll know from an animated scene of Queen Deidranna and Elliot, that a scientist that worked for her is now missing, leaving the queen totally pissed off, since he was working on a important secret pro ject. What this scientist is working on, is in a Robot mercenary, trying to develop a kind of super mercenary that fights all day long, with no need to rest or eat and don’t keep complaining about his teammates (an all-day reality in JA2. . . ) So, if can find the scientist, maybe you can convince him to borrow the Robot, to help you liberating Arulco, this of course, if he has already finished the Robot. . .

The Location of the Scientist

Locating the scientist (most known as “MadLab”) can be a little bit difficult, because is location is random every game. But his location is always limited to Farmland sectors somewhere at central/south map. The best way to find him, is to keep travelling a lot in the Strategic Map screen between sectors. If you pass through a sector of interest (that could have the scientist) you will get a message like. . . “Your squad notices someone in sector xx”. Then you might want to look to see if he is in there. But even being random here are some locations of where he was already found: When you get to the sector where he is, you should find a house and a barn. He’s in a hidden compartment of a barn that you can open by operating a swith in the house. To find the switch, enter the house, find and open a drawer (cabinet) and there will be a switch in there. Turning on the switch will open up the secret door to a room in the barn. Go in the barn and talk to the escaped scientist, who is working on the bot.

How to get and use the Robot:

If you talk to the scientist using someone with pretty high leadership, he will tell about his plans and explain what you have to do to get the Robot. He’ll say in order to finish the Robot, you have to bring two items to him. A rifle and Video Camera. You can get a Video Camera in one shop of electronics or in the Museum of Balime. Go get them if you don’t have them and return, giving them to the scientist. Note: You should repair the rifle and the Video Camera before giving them to the scientist, if they are not in perfect condition. To activate the Robot, one of your mercs needs to wear the headset (remote control) the scientist provides you. Then move the Robot like you would move a normal merc. To have reloaded his weapon, make another merc do it for him (he’s kind of limited still. . . ). If you need to repair him later, go to the Strategic screen (map and assignments), you can change someone’s assignment who has a toolbox to Repair/Robot. Also, sometimes when giving the stuff, the Robot may ask for “7.62 cyber ammo” or “0 caliber ammo”. Well, don’t take it literally, he only needs his weapon reloaded.

Robot Merc abilities and capabilities:

After one of your mercs put the Headset remote control, the Robot can move, shoot, and act almost like a merc (he can’t climb, lay prone, throw grenades though). The Robot may not have great stats, but he can be very useful to you. First take a look at his stats: Agility 50 Dexterity 30 Strenght 30 Leadership 1 Wisdom 5 Marksm. 80 Explosives 0 Mechanical 0 Medical 0 Health 95 Experience Level 1 As you can see only Health and maybe Marksmanship are the good things about him. But it’s his Health what can help you. The Robot takes a lot less damage than a normal merc would when has been shot. And a good Mechanical merc can fix him up pretty easy. So the Robot is especially good in close quarters situations when you’d rather not have your mercs get hurt. One example is when taking out the Bloodcats since they are in large number and get close to you pretty easily. With some backup from the rest of your guys he shouldn’t be beat up to bad (it takes about 5 to 8 damage off for each hit from a Bloodcat compared to the 20+ damage it would do to a merc). Another bad thing about him is that the remote control weared on somebody’s head prevent this guy from using gas mask, headsets, night goggles and sun glasses.

Choosing a weapon for the Robot Merc:

When the scientist asks you for a gun to mount on the Robot, you should choose wisely, because the gun you choose will be forever attached to the Robot. So you can’t change it anymore! If you want him to be in the front line in close quarters situations, that means you need to give it a weapon with low action points and large ammo capacity (no need for long ranges). Thus far I find the M16A2/C7 (with rod and spring) to be one of the better choices for the Robot. The G11 also fits these criteria as many others. But giving him a low end weapon may limit him a little bit. So you can also think “I should give him the most powerful weapon I currently have right now ’cause once it’s attached to the robot’s body, it’ll be the only weapon the robot’ll ever use.” So, once again, choose wisely. Also, it seems you can’t give modified guns to the Robot (either permanent or temporary). When you try giving one to him, all the attached stuff to the gun, end in a pile on the floor (not certain about this). Beware! If you give him the Rocket Rifle as the weapon make sure the gun is “clean of fingerprints”, because if it has been already used by someone, you’ll not be able to use it and therefore useless to the Robot (get the “Invalid fingerprint ID” message). If you want to do that, get the Rocket Rifle fixed by the electronics guy first and then give it to MadLab, and the Robot will be able to fire it. Trust me, I’ve done it!