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Sector J9: Tixa Prison


Map information

Recruitable NPC’s Non-Recruit. NPCs Tixa is a sector close to the SAM site at Cambria (J9). It’s a prison with a ground floor and a basement. You’ll have the location on the map when Alma’s Head miner asks you to go get his brother (Dynamo) which is imprisioned at Tixa. In the basement you’ll find at least 3 prisioners (that’s where the cells are), Shank and Dynamo, both recruitable and Gordon Jeffries, who is afraid to death of the bugs and is simply useless to you. Also, you’ll find a cool looking greyish gun at Tixa. The gun is called a Steyr AUG. Austrian Army standard issue. It fires 5.56mm rounds. Takes 30 round clips and have a range of 50 that does 30 of damage. There’s always a Steyr AUG in Tixa, one of the guards has it, and the rest are scattered about. When you attack Tixa or fire your weapons, the alarm may go off. The guards are alerted and will put their gas maks on because after that, the buildings start to fill with gas. No affect on the prisioners, but let me offer some alternatives to trying to take that place head on.

The Warden’s husband:

Sneak in from the eastern side of Tixa. Enter the house at the southeast corner. Be very nice to the warden’s husband (Brewster). He’ll tell you everything you need to know (you have to wait until 17:00 PM and sneak into the Jail house to catch the Warden off guard (hey, even she has to eat)). He gives you also the key from his wife’s office if you spoke enough to him. Go and get her before she sets the alarm.

A visit to the Warden’s office:

To prevent the ’gassing’ you have to go to the warden’s office. Inside there’s a red square switch and another switch to the right. The red switch, as you might be familiar with, sets off the alarm for the guards to put on thier masks. The switch to the right floods the prison with knockout gas. Wonder what would happen if you forgot to alert the guards before setting off the gas. . . ? There’s another tactic avoid the gas: you need at least one guy with a silenced weapon, or be lucky enough to not encounter a guard before you do the following (it may take a few tries to do it right, so save often, you’ll need it). What you need to do is to come at night, preferably with full camo. There is a small house in the SE corner of the map — approach it from the south. North of the house is a metal door on the larger structure — this goes to the Warden’s office. Set up a guy with good explosives skill and some dynamite (or I guess you could use a LAW as well, haven’t tried) right oustide the door, while you situate 1–2 more mercs with good Marksmanship outside the door and out of the blast radius. Put them where they will be able to get a good shot into the office. Set the bomb, take explosives boy away from the wall, and let ’er rip. If you’re lucky, the Warden will have been standing close to the wall (within 3 squares or so) and the explosion will knock her down before she can do anything. Then it’s fish in a barrel time for your sniping mercs while explosives boy runs in and hits the gas switch before the guards come get you. Having said all that, it really isn’t that practical. Most of the guards are outside, and the few times I did it I found myself too busy fending off shots from them through the windows to try getting to the gassed guards inside. Fun in principle, not so much in reality.